About me



Hello, and welcome to my blog. I’m Lottie, a 24 year old languages graduate living in Oxford, working in academic publishing, battling my way through near constant quarter life crises, and now blogging in my seemingly endless spare time (thanks corona). A brief outline of my life so far:

  • Ages 0 – 17 – the usual (let’s not go into this too much).
  • Age 18 – I moved to Oxford to study French and Spanish at Oxford University – hilarity ensues.
  • Age 20 – I embarked on my year abroad, spending nine months on an Erasmus exchange at the University of Salamanca and four months in Paris doing a language school and an internship. These remain the chicest months of my life, and I’m not sure I’ll ever top them.
  • Age 22 – graduate and get my first job in Oxford working at an academic publishing house.

Which brings us to now! Expect posts about books, travelling, what I love, and what I’m thinking about – most of the time this is food, but I promise I’ll try and mix it up for your sake. Since I graduated two years ago I’ve not found a lot of time to write, and I’m hoping this will fix that.  I’d love it if you came along for the ride.

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